Conflict Crisis

Conflict is information. It tells you that there is a problem.

I have often found that the causes of most workplace conflicts are systemic. That the issues are usually about a lack of clarity regarding roles and responsibilities or of the expectations of the leader. There may be perceptions of favouritism and unfairness. And sometimes conflict arises due to misunderstandings or poor communication; which is also a lack of clarity.

Long term unresolved conflict can be toxic for a team. It can destroy trust, create silos and result in some of the best people leaving an organisation.

However, no matter what the issue, a conflict situation is a whole lot less scary and easier to manage when we think about it as being another piece of information that we have to deal with. When we don’t take it personally.

I work with teams to identify problems within the system. I can help create a safer workplace so that people feel more comfortable to speak up. Where everyone feels that the rest of the team has their back.

I apply a safe approach to conflict resolution. A respectful and caring approach that supports the leaders, the parties to the dispute and the team.