I am a latecomer to running and events like fun runs. I did my first fun run in 2014 when I was 51.  Now I have done a few and I collect the bibs with much pride in my achievements. 

In the middle of September each year in Adelaide we have a City-Bay Fun Run.  It is extremely popular. I think the main reason is that is a celebration that the weather has changed.  

My Facebook feed is full of people I know doing this event.  Not everyone runs it; lots of people walk the 12km course. Some people dress up in silly costumes, a lot of people enter to raise much-needed funds for charities or important causes.  And what I see is lots of teams. 

I see people from various workplaces I know or have worked with doing the event together.  They start the event together and then those who are faster and who finish first, stay back at the end and wait for their colleagues.  It is a celebration of starting and finishing something together. It is a great opportunity to bond, to take photos, to be silly and spend time together outside of work – often for a great cause.  It is a shared experience. 

It is a great non-work related team building activity that is about fun and fitness and being active. 

For many of us, we spend more time with our work colleagues than our families.  These relationships are so important to our sense of well-being and having a feeling of belonging.  It is crucial that we sometimes take some time out of our usual work-life to just spend some fun time together with the people we work with.  It’s good for our mental health. 

Find ways to have fun and build a connection with your team. 

Go well. 


Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU from Pexels