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But I’m right

Brené Brown is right.  Shame is one of the major reasons people get stuck.  So often I have leaders who have to point the finger at their team members for being bad, useless, lazy, dodgy etc. because they can’t or won’t look at how they might be contributing towards the performance of their team.  So […]

Ice cream for breakfast

Last night my family celebrated Christmas in July at my house. Christmas is a bit of a tricky time for my family – we have a lot of bad memories from when we were growing up and it has led to more than a few meltdowns on Christmas Day over the last 25 years. But […]


I am not a fashionista. I am a jeans-and-hoodie type of girl.  I own about six pairs of shoes. Sandshoes, ugg boots, comfortable black boots, sensible flats and two pairs of sandals. I don’t understand people’s obsession with shoes.  I don’t even like buying shoes.  My daughter, on the other hand, is shoe-obsessed. She has […]

E1: Welcome to The Conflict Coach Podcast

  In our first episode, we introduce you to Kate Russell: Conflict Coach, facilitator, mediator, trainer, wife, mother and Port Adelaide fan. Kate helps leaders step into their power so that they can create conflict resilient teams; teams that thrive. Find out how and why Kate does what she does. Special Guest: Chris Edgar, Red […]


The Conflict Coach Podcast

I love people and I love their stories.  In my life, I have been blessed to have met or spoken with literally thousands of people. I have heard so many people’s stories. Stories of pain, joy, grief, humour and love.  I love talking to people and I have found people like talking to me.  I […]

My team don’t respect me

I hear it over and over again. The leader, the boss says: “my team don’t respect me.  I do all these things for my team, I pay them well, I provide them with opportunities and still, they don’t respect me.” What I also hear over and over again from their teams is: “my boss just […]

Conflict is a communication issue

Every time I deal with a new conflict I go on an exploration of what is not being said.  Sometimes I discover people are holding on to secrets, but more often than not people are holding on to assumptions.   Assumptions about what the other person knows or thinks. They’re nearly always wrong or misguided.   And […]


The other day I was having a chat with my Uber driver. He was an electrical engineer who was on a student visa from India so that he could improve his employment position by studying project management.  He had completed his studies and wanted to get some work experience here in Adelaide before he returned […]