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The number one reason why managers don’t deal with conflict in the workplace – until they absolutely have to

I often come across workplaces where they urgently need help to deal with a workplace conflict because the situation has become untenable. But when I start asking questions about when the issues first started to be a problem, I am sheepishly told, 2 years ago, 10 years ago – and once I was told 30 […]

Ditch the whinge: Seven steps to a more positive workplace culture

We’ve all heard it… colleagues spending countless hours whining and whinging about the things other people/management do/don’t do/should do/could do… It’s exhausting to listen to and it’s unproductive. These conversations are often petty and destabilising to management and teams. Endless gossipy conversations within a team reflect a negative workplace culture and diminish the capacity of […]

Conflict is often very quiet

We often think of conflict being noisy; of people yelling at each other and people expressing how unhappy they are. But most conflict doesn’t look like that at all. So much conflict is silent; it is in our heads, it is not expressed. We wander around all day thinking about how terrible a situation is […]