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E1: Welcome to The Conflict Coach Podcast

  In our first episode, we introduce you to Kate Russell: Conflict Coach, facilitator, mediator, trainer, wife, mother and Port Adelaide fan. Kate helps leaders step into their power so that they can create conflict resilient teams; teams that thrive. Find out how and why Kate does what she does. Special Guest: Chris Edgar, Red […]

My team don’t respect me

I hear it over and over again. The leader, the boss says: “my team don’t respect me.  I do all these things for my team, I pay them well, I provide them with opportunities and still, they don’t respect me.” What I also hear over and over again from their teams is: “my boss just […]

Conflict is a communication issue

Every time I deal with a new conflict I go on an exploration of what is not being said.  Sometimes I discover people are holding on to secrets, but more often than not people are holding on to assumptions.   Assumptions about what the other person knows or thinks. They’re nearly always wrong or misguided.   And […]


The other day I was having a chat with my Uber driver. He was an electrical engineer who was on a student visa from India so that he could improve his employment position by studying project management.  He had completed his studies and wanted to get some work experience here in Adelaide before he returned […]

Leadership is hard

I’ve been working with a lot of “new” leaders recently.  They are not new to their industry, in fact, they’re usually very experienced practitioners; they’re just new to leading people.  One of these leaders said “you need a degree in psychology to do this job” and he meant it.  He said he had never learned […]

Things I learned from Sadie

Sadie is my 16-month-old granddaughter.  She is adorable. She is wickedly funny, cheeky as, incredibly assertive and the second coming of her mother.   I am in awe of this toddler. Despite her limited vocabulary, we have no issues communicating. She is very clear.   She smiles, kicks her feet or claps her hands when she is […]

I’ve fallen off the wagon

I am writing this in June 2019. I am feeling very sorry for myself. I am tired, bloated, short of breath and I have higher levels of stress than I have had in years. I am also frustrated and disappointed in myself. I have fallen off the wagon. Not the alcohol wagon. I haven’t had […]


When is it real?

My psychologist said to me the other day that I was burnt out. I have done some contract work for a Government Department for nearly 20 years.  It’s difficult work. The parties are usually very stressed, the decisions I make have a direct impact on people’s lives and I have had to be a bearer […]

Who sank the boat?

There is a great children’s book entitled Who Sank the Boat by Pamela Allen. All these big animals get on the boat one by one. The final animal to hop on to the boat is this tiny mouse and the boat sinks. It looks like it was the tiny mouse that sinks the boat – […]