Last night my family celebrated Christmas in July at my house.

Christmas is a bit of a tricky time for my family – we have a lot of bad memories from when we were growing up and it has led to more than a few meltdowns on Christmas Day over the last 25 years.

But three years ago we started celebrating Christmas in July – which is all about wearing silly jumpers, the food and spending time together (no presents) and for some reason it works – no meltdowns. It’s just a heap of fun.

So we started a new tradition. And as part of this tradition, my two youngest nieces stay the night at my place (one of them lives in Melbourne so the cousins are so excited to catch up) and we go out for ice cream for breakfast.

The ritual happened by accident.

Last year I took them to the park first thing because they were the first people awake, but it was too cold and it started to rain and so we went looking for something else to do. We ended up at the Parade, Norwood. Not much was open on a Sunday morning, but a cafe that does breakfast also sold ice creams. So as a treat – and because I am the auntie that will let them get away with almost anything – they had ice cream for breakfast.

Now it’s a ritual. A once a year ritual which the three of us love. The girls have talked about ice-cream for breakfast all year.

Rituals are gold for developing culture whether that be at home or at work. And some of the best rituals happen totally by accident.


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