I love people and I love their stories. 

In my life, I have been blessed to have met or spoken with literally thousands of people. I have heard so many people’s stories. Stories of pain, joy, grief, humour and love. 

I love talking to people and I have found people like talking to me.  I have often thought that there is an invisible message on my forehead that says “tell Kate your story” because so many people have entrusted me with their incredible and sometimes intensely personal stories. 

I am also interested in conflict. In how conflict presents itself in other people’s workplaces or lives.  I am not just talking about workplace conflict; in fact, that is only one type of conflict. But so many industries and services organisations exist to help people manage their stress and deal with issues which in the long run reduce the incidences of conflict and pain in our world. 

I want to talk about those conflicts more.  I want to understand the stressors that are associated with (for example):

  • working in an industry like printing that is going through such extraordinary change; 
  • a pub owner who is regularly dealing with people who come to their hotel to avoid going home, to drown their sorrows or who use the hotel as their social life; or 
  • the general practitioner who has patients coming to them seeking prescription drugs to help dampen the physical and emotional pain they feel day in and day out. 

I love podcasts. I listen to them when I walk or run; in the car and sometimes when I am pottering around my house.  

So I have created my own podcast.  

Each week I interview guests who tell their stories about how conflict presents itself in their workplaces plus I catch up with either my good friend and my Construction Mediation side-kick Chris Edgar (Red Dog Building) or my daughter Lucy Russell Byrne (Girl Friday Media) in every show.  We catch up for Cup of Tea Time. We chat about popular culture and family matters. We have to use a timer for every interview because, truly, we could talk for hours. 

You can find my podcast The Conflict Coach on your favourite podcast site.  Here’s the link to the first episode. Show notes are available here.

And don’t forget to rate and review the podcast on iTunes. 



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