I hear it over and over again. The leader, the boss says: “my team don’t respect me.  I do all these things for my team, I pay them well, I provide them with opportunities and still, they don’t respect me.”

What I also hear over and over again from their teams is: “my boss just tells me what to do, they don’t talk to me. They don’t listen. They don’t care how their decisions impact on me and my team. They don’t check in with me. They don’t ask my opinion on important decisions that are going to impact on the way I work. They don’t follow through with the things that they said they would do.”

I hear of so many teams that have almost no structure. They are totally reactive. They don’t plan and work out strategies as to how to deal with likely issues that will arise; they just react and everyone is really stressed. 

I hear of bosses who always say yes. Yes, we can do that for you, dear client (despite the fact that we don’t have the resources to do so); yes, dear staff member you can take three weeks’ leave (despite the fact that we don’t have anyone to cover for you).  Yes, dear colleague, I will do your work for you, despite the fact that I don’t have the time to do it and it is really your job to do that. 

There is no clarity, no clear direction, no boundaries, no communication and no appreciation.  In its place are high levels of stress, increasingly disappointed and disengaged staff and lots of grumbling and complaints.

A leader who leads, who provides great clarity, boundaries and who communicates is going to feel respected because they are showing respect to their team. 

The change has to start with you, the leader. 

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