Every time I deal with a new conflict I go on an exploration of what is not being said.  Sometimes I discover people are holding on to secrets, but more often than not people are holding on to assumptions.  

Assumptions about what the other person knows or thinks. They’re nearly always wrong or misguided.  

And the conflict usually gets worse because no-one is prepared to start a conversation.  

So people worry about what the other person is thinking. They create stories in their head that are not based in fact. They get distracted by these stories and don’t focus on their work and they become less efficient. And this costs the company or the organisation a lot of money and time. 

If you want to improve the efficiency of your team, teach them how to communicate effectively so that they don’t have to deal with unresolved and expensive conflict. So that they can start a conversation which might be a little bit uncomfortable. Every time. 

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