My psychologist said to me the other day that I was burnt out.

I have done some contract work for a Government Department for nearly 20 years.  It’s difficult work. The parties are usually very stressed, the decisions I make have a direct impact on people’s lives and I have had to be a bearer of bad news over and over again for 20 years. It’s reasonable to assume that it would take its toll.

I was so relieved for my psychologist to say that I was burnt out. I was glad to hear from a professional that there was a reason for why I was feeling so awful, so tired, so stressed.

I told my family and some other close friends and they all said – we have been saying this to you for ages. They said, “this is not a surprise to us.”

So why couldn’t I hear the same information from other people? Why did it take a psychologist to confirm what was as obvious as the nose on my face?

  1. I wasn’t ready to hear the information.
  2. I needed someone with authority to make the diagnosis.
  3. I was scared that I wasn’t as resilient as I have always thought.

I have probably been burnt out for the last couple of years. I have probably been pushing through the stress and feelings of overwhelm. I am a very hard worker. I have always worked hard – no matter what’s going on – I work hard.  This was just me pushing through – again.

But the signs that things were not right when I really started struggling to sleep again. My brain would light up like a pinball machine just as I wanted to go to sleep or two hours after falling asleep. I started my night time movement from bed to couch to bed. Trying to find somewhere different, where my thoughts would change, where I could listen to music to distract me, to try and find some relief from my noisy brain.

So it is real for me now. I am dealing with burnout – again (I’ve been here before in 2014).

How to deal with this – look after me. Do what I want to do.

Go well.


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