Last night I had a dream — one of those really clear dreams that I could remember straight away.

It was about Dad.  I was in a big auditorium with him, and there was this big crowd of adults and children.  We had just found out that we had to present to them and we had an hour. I said to Dad, what will we do? And he said, “don’t worry, I’ve got this”.  And he left.

When Dad came back, he told everyone in the room that the first thing they needed to do was to go out and collect these cards with pictures on them. I went out with everyone else. I went into the gardens and found all of these small square cards with pictures of ordinary things on them. There were pictures of flowers on the cards in the garden beds where there were flowers. And suddenly, I realised the flowers in the garden were so beautiful. There were pictures of dirt and gravel on the ground where there was dirt and gravel. Everything looked so much more important now that there was a picture of it.

Everyone was very excited to be collecting pictures of things that they saw and experienced every day. It’s like they saw what was around them all for the first time. There was a lot of chatter and delight.

Then everyone brought their cards back into the auditorium. There was a lot of excitement.  Everyone was so energised. And there on top of the piano that was on the stage of the auditorium was this big pile of cards of ordinary things that people see every day.

And Dad said to me “Look for the ordinary. It’s all around you”.

And I came out of the dream. I felt overwhelmed with emotion. I felt so happy and so inspired by the message.

We don’t need to complicate things. We don’t need fancy theories or language.

We have everything we need. We don’t need to keep looking.  We need to value what we have and find joy in the simple.

Thanks, Dad.

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