I have recently been involved in assisting two parties who engaged in a physical fight that occurred on the work site during working hours to come together, work through their difference and find a way to be able to work together again.

This is a remarkable situation.  Not because the parties engaged in a physical fight at work; which I admit is not a good situation at all. No, what is remarkable about this situation is the manner in which it has been managed by senior management.

It is remarkable that these two staff members were not sacked on the spot. That is what I know would usually happen.

But the employer recognised that these two people need a second chance. They recognise that there were other issues at play in this situation that impacted on what happened in that moment.

I am so grateful to management for taking this approach. I am so grateful that these two good people get an opportunity to right the wrongs and move forward.

Imagine what would have happened to these two people and their families and friends if they had been sacked on the spot.  Just imagine:

  1. Their relationship would never have been salvaged. Chances are they would have blamed each other until the end of time for the fact that they got sacked.
  2. They both potentially may have had to deal with long-term mental health issues. I already know that the incident was so traumatic for both of them that they have had their mental health rocked.  
  3. Their families would have to deal with the long-term fall out of the loss of employment; the impact their sacking would have on them getting future employment and the impact of possibly deteriorating mental health.

Instead, they can work through their relationship issues, work through their mental health issues and learn some lessons from what happened and make some changes so that this never happens again.

Photo by Kayla Harris on Unsplash

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