I finally got my car serviced. It was overdue for a service by a couple of months and a few thousand clicks.

I kept putting it off. I didn’t have time. I had other more important things to do. It was going to cost a lot of money. I’m not a car person. These things are a low priority for me.

But my car is 10 years old. I knew I was pushing it. I even checked the oil and topped it up once because I knew that it was so overdue for a service. But still, I dilly-dallied.

And then I offered my car to our daughter and her family to use when they were coming to Adelaide for a few days.

Suddenly I urgently needed to get my car serviced. I had to ensure that the car was safe for my children and grandchildren. There was no way I would let them drive my car unless I had had it serviced. I couldn’t bear the thought of something happening to my family due to my negligence.

But sadly I didn’t care enough about my own safety and wellbeing. I wasn’t important enough.

How often do we put off doing something that is important but not urgent? How often do we wait until the situation is dire?

I often see bosses putting off having a difficult conversation or dealing with a conflict situation until one of the parties lodges a formal complaint, has lodged a Workcover claim for stress or threatens to take legal action.

We don’t have to put ourselves under so much stress. Dealing with conflict situations early is so much less stressful for both the boss and the parties. Waiting for things to deteriorate to the point where you need a mediator or the involvement of another third party agency means that the situation has deteriorated to a point where it might be difficult to salvage.

Prevention is better than cure.  It’s also much cheaper and easier to achieve.

I can help you with that.


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