I was speaking to this guy the other day who does random drug and alcohol testing in workplaces. He talked about being called into work places and testing people and the different way people react to being caught out.

Some people run away, some people cry and some people are incredibly stoic.

In that moment they are done. They can’t hide. They have to face the music.

This could be a life defining moment.

This could be the beginning of a fast downward spiral, of deteriorating mental health, of increased use and abuse of drugs and alcohol, of terminal family relationships.

Or it could be the day that they decide to do something differently, to turn their lives around, to get the help they need to deal with the issues that have resulted in them turning up to work affected by drugs or alcohol.

In part, how they respond is in our hands.  If we write people off as being bad, chances are they will live up to that title, to that reputation.

If we show compassion and care in that moment, they might feel that they do have some value, that it is worth the effort needed to get help.

We can’t and shouldn’t rescue people. We can’t and shouldn’t even try to change people. But we can be respectful and we can care about people.

There is a reason why someone has turned up to work in that state.  If we aren’t curious and if we don’t care, we will never know what that reason is.

Care about people and be part of the solution; don’t contribute to the problem.



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