Our family has had a long association with Ron.  Do you want to keep that for Ron? Do you want to do that Ron? I think you will find it in the Ron Box.

Who is this Ron you keep referring to?  His full name is “Later On” or just Ron for short.

The Ron Box is the best!  It’s a big box full of items of that you urgently need when you run out of them. It’s full of toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, small packets of tissues, deodorant, dishwashing liquid, batteries, candles, wrapping paper.  Stuff.

I created the Ron Box a few years due to my poor memory.  I would go to the shops to buy the items on my list which we desperately needed and then I would forget the list and forget to get them. Doh! One day I realised life didn’t need to be that complicated. That we could have the backup items at home all of the time and then the replacement of same wouldn’t be so urgent.

It has generally worked a treat.  

The Ron Box is a treasure trove of items. There is a heap of things I have bought for Ron that I forget about. So every time I go looking for something there’s a bit of excitement to rediscover the items that I have bought over the years for Ron.

I’ve also worked out that writing my shopping list straight into my phone gives me a much better chance of not losing my shopping list each week. Who knew!

Ron goes to two important business concepts – Culture and Stress Management.


People love to feel that they belong. One way you do that is to create an environment or use some terminology that is special to your team. It needs to be fun, inclusive and easily applied.

Our family has a few ways of creating a culture that is unique to us. We have adopted orange as the family colour, we name ordinary things in strange ways and we have a close relationship with Ron; to name just a few of the things that are special to our family.

In many teams, there are often special words, actions, a song or protocols which are special them. It’s an inside joke or practice, it’s something that unites them. The team doesn’t use these things to be exclusive but as a way of creating a real sense of belonging.

Find the fun little things that happen in your work environment and exploit them. Exaggerate them, formalise them, diminish them – but make them special to your team.  

Stress Management

The Ron Box helps us manage stress in the household. When we run out of items, we have a replacement all ready to go. I am sure that lots of families do this.

Planning ahead and having things in place for anticipated stressful periods such as high workloads, can significantly reduce everyone’s stress levels. It sounds obvious, but so often I come across teams that rarely take the time out to plan for the future. The business may have grown so fast or they are always so busy, so stretched that they really struggle when things really go up a notch or if something goes wrong.

Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up. Planning and having a strategy as to how you will deal with the various stresses placed on your business will pay off many times over.

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