Once upon a time we pretty much all worked in an office. We would start the day at 9am and finish at 5 pm (or later if we did overtime) and we would take a 30 minute lunch break.

Once upon a time there was a ladder to climb and you started at the bottom and you worked your way up to the top. There was a hierarchy and we all knew who the boss was.

This was when we had very basic communication tools and the world was very big.

But the world has changed. A lot of people work flexible hours, they might work from home, there might be no hierarchy or a very even playing field for staff and nowadays it can sometimes be harder to work out who is the leader.

Sometimes now we have regional offices who, as a means of saving money and to show how well connected we are, report to a person in head office; that is, there is no one who is the leader of the regional office.

Sometimes we have teams where people are located all over the country; they may super flexible work arrangements and they only communicate by email or some other communication tool.

The world may have changed; but it hasn’t changed that much. We all need leaders. We need to know who to turn to when there is a problem.

No matter where you are in the world, if you are a member of a team, you need to have some structure to that team. You need someone to guide the decision making process; someone to deal with problems or complaints; someone to turn to if you are having problems with the work that you do. If you don’t appoint that person, they will appoint themself.


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