Today I drove into the big car park opposite my office. I was in a hurry (I am always in a hurry).

The driver in front of me was not in a hurry. They kept to the speed limit of 10 kilometres per hour – who does that?

I may have had some very bad thoughts about this driver.

I made all sorts of assumptions about him; that he was a bad driver, that he clearly didn’t work, that he was old, that he got his licence in a packet of Twisties, etc…

I knew nothing about this person; but in the blink of an eye and about four floors later he found his reserved parking space. He carefully and slowly backed into his park; something he has probably done many times before and I eventually got to speed off to go up one more floor to find a park.

As he got out of the car I saw that he wasn’t old and it did look like he also had a job. So my assumptions were wrong – again.

We have so many preconceived ideas. We can so easily assume a whole back-story for someone based on how they drive a car, if they are late to a meeting or if they ask for soy in their latte!

We don’t know. We don’t know very much at all. We don’t know and we don’t find out because it’s easier and so much more fun to judge strangers, to create some drama about the made up personality traits we have assigned to them.

So I would like to apologise to the young man in the car ahead of me in the carpark today. I am sorry that I had pre-judged you and your driving abilities because I have zero patience when I am in a hurry.

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