Are you being picked on?

Are people being mean to you?

Do you feel you are under attack?

Is everything going wrong? Have you misplaced your keys, forgotten to collect your children from childcare or been rained on when walking the dogs? You feel like you everything that is going wrong is because of you. No matter what you do, it’s all wrong.  The world is against you.

Chances are you are feeling extremely stressed. Recent events have taken their toll on you.

Chances are you are in the world of one. The world of me. The world where you are the centre of the universe and it’s all about you.

When we’re in the world of one we don’t care about other people. We don’t care how they feel. We don’t have empathy; no-one is suffering like we are suffering.

We talk about ourselves all the time. We talk about others in derogatory terms. Everything is hard. It’s onerous. We complain …. a lot.

We tell everyone that we are exhausted.

Truth is – we are exhausted. Tired from the continued stress of unresolved issues. Tired from feeling bad about ourselves. All of our negative self talk.

Want to turn that around?

Stop. Breath. Take time out. Take a day off. Take a week off. Go for a walk. Go for a run. Ride your bike. Sing along to your favourite album. Have a massage. Read your book.

Do something for you. Look after you.

And then write a list of everything and everybody you are grateful for.

Then repeat that on a regular basis. Do something for you every day.

Then deal with the unresolved stuff.

Stop suffering. Live. Love.

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