I wish my staff appreciated all my efforts

Do you feel like you’re invisible some of the time? It’s not that you are ignored – you have a constant stream of people knocking at your door. It’s just that they take you for granted. They assume that you will be there fixing problems day in, day out.

They may also act as though they are doing you a favor; that they are working hard for you. That as a manager, you have the easy job because you are not necessarily hands on.

Chances are your team don’t know how often you work late, take work home, worry about your team member’s performances and how you are going to give that feedback. That you worry about possible redundancies or how you are going to cover staff when a few people want leave at the same time.

What if you and the team shared more of your experiences?

It’s difficult to understand what’s going on for people if we don’t talk about it. A lot of managers feel that they will be seen as “weak” if they are vulnerable with their team or if they let the team know what is really going on.

However the opposite is true. A manager who shares with his or her team is modelling behaviour that will be positive for the whole team. As they say – there is no “I” in team. If you want your staff to be part of a powerful united team – then you need to act as a team. You need to know what unites you; you need to talk about how you’re traveling, the threats, the successes, pretty much everything.

The number one issue that comes up with every team I work with is “respect”. People feel respected when they feel included, consulted, engaged. When there is communication about the important matters. They don’t want to feel protected; they don’t want to be kept in the dark.

Successful teams work as a team. They share their experiences. They work through problems and they celebrate successes. They have a leader and the leader is important – but the role of the leader is to bring the best out of everyone – not to make all of the decisions.

Use your regular team meetings as a time when you share what’s going on. The more vulnerable you are, the greater will be your connection with your team. They will love you for it and then you will start to feel their appreciation.

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