Do you often take work home at night or go in on a Sunday just so you can get some uninterrupted time to get work done?


Is much of your day spent with your staff lining up at your door to complain about someone else in the team?


Have you run out of ideas as to how to get the team to work better together?


Maybe you need a fresh set of eyes to help you see the trees from the forest. Importantly, you may need help setting boundaries with your team. If the boundaries are fuzzy, chances are your team will push against them constantly – some inappropriate behaviours may end up being tolerated and this will effect the level of trust in the team.


Positive psychology tells us that people perform best when they are trusted to do what they are good at doing. When the work aligns with their potential and their personal values. People also work best when they feel valued by their employer and when they are consulted and included in decision making processes. But most importantly positive psychology tells us that people perform best when they feel safe; because if they feel safe they will:

  • Trust that management is acting in the organisations’ best interest and be more trusting of decisions made
  • Deal with issues immediately without fear of retribution
  • Be more innovative because they will trust the team not to “steal” their ideas
  • They will keep their team and management in the loop about important issues that might impact on the performance of their team (ie health issues, family issues, planned leave etc)
  • They will be respectful of processes and will be better able to manage change
  • Be more tolerant of short term pain for long term gain (e.g. relocating offices during renovations, accommodating work experience students, working longer hours during an accreditation process, etc).
  • Take less unplanned leave
  • Be more supportive of other people’s success because they do not feel that this jeopardises their own employment


Powernoodle is powerful stakeholder engagement software that uses the power of anonymity to engage and build trust in teams. It provides teams with the opportunity to provide genuine feedback and give management a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. It can also be used to determine priorities for the team and create a safe environment to work through difficult issues.


As a licensed Powernoodle Consultant, I can work with you and your team to create a safe and dynamic working environment.


Spend your day doing what you were employed to do instead of constantly putting out fires.

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