What behaviours do you tolerate in your workplace?

Frank is a team leader of a team of ten people. He’s known for being quite grumpy and sarcastic.  He can be quick to criticise but deep down he has a heart of gold.

Tony joins the team. He really struggles with Frank’s management style. He eventually complains to Frank’s manager but is told “That’s just Frank. He’s always been like that. Don’t take it personally”.

Tony tries to not let Frank’s comments get to him; but he is struggling. He is having trouble sleeping and is feeling anxious during the day. He starts making mistakes in his work because he is struggling to concentrate. His productivity has reduced dramatically. Some days he just doesn’t want to come to work; some days he doesn’t get to work.

Then one day Frank is particularly rude to Tony about something pretty minor. Tony decides that he can’t go on like this. He makes a formal complaint about Frank’s behaviour. Tony feels management drag the chain in dealing with the matter and he eventually goes out on stress leave. 

What is the cost to that organisation of not addressing Frank’s behaviour? What is the cost to the organisation of the relatively high turnover of staff in Frank’s team? What is the cost to the organisation with Tony going out on stress leave?

And chances are Frank doesn’t recognize that there is a problem because no-one has ever told him that there is. He just thinks that he is firm but fair. He is not aware of how his grumpy approach is intimidating to some of his staff; no-one has ever had the courage to tell him about how he is perceived by his team.

What behaviours are you tolerating in your organisation and how are they affecting your bottom line?

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