If you have an argument with your partner or your child just before you go to bed chances are that you won’t sleep well. You’ll wake still smouldering about the argument and this funk will be with you when you get to work.

In much the same way, if you have to deal with conflict at work chances are that when you go home you will still have that work conflict in your head. You’ll be running arguments and things you’d like to say to the person at work who is giving you all this grief, your attention won’t be focused on your family and you will be in another funk.

Of the two, you are much more likely to resolve the home conflict because you trust those personal relationships more – they are safer. You can disagree with a spouse or your child and know that your relationship is not going to end.

But you may not resolve the conflict at work so easily. It is scary to speak up in a work situation; you may lose your job, you may be ousted by your social group, you might get yelled at by your boss. So chances are that you might bring home that work conflict day after day because it is not getting dealt with.

What impact is that having on your family and your personal relationships?

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