Hi, welcome to adelaideconflictmanagement.com.au.

My name is Kate Russell, and as the director of Adelaide Conflict Management (ACM), I am thrilled to be launching this new endeavour.

ACM is the culmination of 25 years’ of experience working with people dealing with conflict. I have developed a substantial knowledge base working as a manager, mediator, facilitator, decision maker, trainer and more recently becoming a trained conflict coach (CINERGY™). As a result I can easily identify what triggers conflict and how best to manage it.

But moreover I enjoy working with people, getting to know them and finding ways to best deal with the conflict they are dealing with. I also enjoy working with groups, working towards common goals and dealing with all the challenges along the way.

I recognise that we are all different – that’s what makes life interesting; but we have to find ways to accommodate our differences.

We offer a range of services including conflict analysis, mediation, conflict coaching, facilitated conversations/team meetings, assistance with change management and team building services to help your business better manage conflict before it occurs or when it occurs. By addressing conflict in the workplace your business’ productivity will improve and you will develop a positive workplace culture.

I’m excited to share my skills and experience with your workplace to reduce and/or better manage conflict that may arise so as to improve overall productivity and build a happier work culture.

If we have worked together, or if we are just meeting now, I’d love to discuss Adelaide Conflict Management with you. You can reach me at or leave comments on this post. You can also follow me on Facebook, Linked In or Twitter.



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