We help leaders better manage conflict in the workplace so that they can create teams that thrive.

Who you are

The Conflict Coach takes the time to understand you. Kate knows that there are times when there are so many fires burning it’s hard to know where to start.

We know that you are hardworking, dedicated and reliable. You have risen through the ranks and you’ve worked hard to get where you are today. You’re proud of your achievements but that sometimes the juggle of managing the pressures of work and managing the people as well is exhausting.

You pride yourself on being accessible and so you have an open-door policy and probably take calls after work because you want to be available to your team.

What your issues tend to be

You are an experienced manager who sometimes finds yourself in the thick of conflict in your team. You have tried absolutely everything you can think of but nothing is working and every day the situation seems to be getting worse.

You are currently spending all your time fighting fires in your team. Now you’re seriously under the pump as your behind with your own work and are not able to meet your responsibilities to senior management.

You’re at your wits’ end and need help fast.

You feel like the office spotlight is in on you and that your management skills are the topic of every ones conversation at the printer and in the car park.

You lay in bed at night trying to figure out where it all went wrong and what you have missed. Your health is suffering because you just can’t switch off from it all and your partner is absolutely sick of hearing about the whole thing and the long hours your having to put in at the moment to keep your head above water.

What you need most right now

You need a fresh set of eyes on the situation. Someone who can ask the difficult questions and get the real answers because they are not scared of the repercussions. Ultimately you need someone to come in and get to the very heart of the issue so it can be sorted once and for all.

You need someone with a toolbox of proven solutions that can come in a re-engage the team and get everyone working together again harmoniously.

You need to be able to leave work each day, switch off, relax and not worry about what the following day will bring.

You need someone who can give you guidance as to how to manage these situations in the future, who can work with your team and provide some practical training. You need someone who can specifically work with that abrasive personality in the team and help you bring order to a situation that has got out of control.

You need someone to step in and help you restore your position as leader of the team.

What our clients have to say about us…

I invited my staff to hear Kate Russell discuss conflict in the workplace – as physios we are rarely directly confronted, but when we do knowing how to act is critical. Kate’s presentation was informative, interactive and entertaining. My team of 20 physios and myself can recommend Kate to your workplace for presentations.

James SchomburgkDirectorBack In Motion

Thank you, Kate, for introducing me to better ways of communicating with staff, clients and fellow colleagues. I found that your knowledge in this field was of great help to me and I believe that your course would be of importance to any one that is self employed. With your expertise I am better informed to handle different personalities in my day to day dealings.

Alexis BuhagiarBusiness OwnerSelect Building Inspections

Kate is a fantastic presenter. She showcased sound knowledge on conflict within the workplace. The workshop was fun and interactive. We all loved having toys on the table to play with. I walked away from the workshop with greater knowledge and understanding on how to be a better leader within my work place and how to recognise stressors that cause conflict. I can’t recommend Kate and the workshop highly enough! Thank you.

Heather FranksOwnerVirtual Link Business Solutions

Comace recently invited Kate Russell in to run a half day workshop with our team of leaders and managers regarding ‘stress management’, as a team building exercise.   Kate’s warmth and authenticity immediately dissolves any barriers in the room, and she earns the trust of everyone involved.  She has such a clear understanding of what makes people tick, and her real life stories stimulate engagement and reflection within the group.  I truly believe our team is much better connected and certainly inspired from the session they enjoyed with Kate.

Felice ShrimplinGeneral ManagerComace Joinery and Maintenance